Saturday, January 25, 2014

End of the Weekly Posts and a Label

This journey into the history of Women's Suffrage is coming to an end. Thanks to all of you around the world who accompanied me in the weekly posts.
Below is a free printable label. Click on the picture; save it to a JPG or a Word file and print it on prepared cotton. The file is a little more than 4 inches wide by 6 inches long. 

I've been posting weekly here for a year but I'm going to turn my attention to two new free online projects. I know some of you are working on finishing your tops for Grandmother's Choice and when I find finished tops I'll post them here on an irregular basis. You might want to subscribe to email posts so you get the new posts in your email box.

Special thanks to Becky, Dustin and Georgann who made the model blocks and to all of you who posted your progress on our Flickr page.

The Threads of Memory Block of the Month begins today January 25, 2014 on my Civil War Quilts blog. We'll spend 2014 in tales of slavery and the Underground Railroad with accurate stories of how the road to freedom worked, told through first person accounts.

Jane's Aunt Phila

And because so many of you like the challenge of a Block of the Week I am working on a new 36-week sampler quilt called An Austen Family Album, which will include pieced blocks for Jane Austen's friends, relations and others who shaped her world. I'm reading about the Austen family and late Georgian and Regency England to add historical context. I've always been confused about things like the difference between a guinea and a pound, what an entailment entails and just where Hants is. You British readers will be amused by an American's attempt to explain it all for you.

I plan to start posting the Austen Album blocks in the first week of April, 2014 and will do a weekly post on Sundays throughout the rest of 2014.

Here's the address where I am working on the layout, etc.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity to use the new ladies album line! uh oh. after I just promised myself no more shopping only stash busting. LOL

  2. Thanks for the Votes for Women blocks. I've almost finished the quilt and will give it to my daughter with all the history you have written.It made for a fascinating year.

    I will definitely be joining you on the Austen quilt and as a British reader who loves Austen I am excited about the blocks and look forward to being amused as you explain our odd ways.

  3. Oh, good -- another fascinating block series!! What size will the Austen Album blocks be?

  4. Right now they are going to be 12 inches. And Susan it does a fabric designer's heart good to hear you are planning to shop!

  5. Thanks so much for all the Grandmother's Choice blog posts/blocks. While I haven't made any of the blocks, I very much enjoyed the history lessons (and forwarded them on to friends). So much of women' (real) history needs to be known (and remembered). I look forward to the Jan Austin blocks!

  6. Can we have more early 19th c. fabric for Austen? Your Lately Arrived From London line is my favorite -- I often think I didn't buy enough of it. I can't wait to learn more about the real Jane Austen.

  7. You are not only talented but very knowledgeable. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the block of women blocks.
    Un grand merci pour les projets futurs.
    Thanks for the future projects


  9. I've just come upon your blog and I'm liking the journey you took on women's suffrage. It's quite amazing to think that it's been 100 years since the movement bear fruition, when the first state approved voting for women. I'm definitely be doing some back reading on your blog! More power to you!

    Christian Pearson @ League of Women Voters

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